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It’s high time to update you about Safe Spaces in Nairobi. It’s been quiet for a while. That’s because the former foundation that raised funds for Safe Spaces has suddenly dissolved itself.

We immediately jumped into action and took the steps to set up a new foundation: Support for Safe Spaces Nairobi. This foundation will raise funds for the current programs being run; we make our knowledge and networks available to Peninah if she indicates a need for it; and we aim to be able to liquidate ourselves in five years because we have also helped Safe Spaces with financial means to be a social enterprise. In other words, to generate sufficient income that they are no longer (so) dependent on donors.

Now there is a lot of urgency to raise enough money to be able to run the programs in 2022. Safe Spaces is 100 percent dependent on donations:

school fees for the girls

money for the basketball league so girls can put themselves in the picture for a scholarship to college

money for sex education, sanitary towels, hygiene, personal development

money for the digital library that has become even more important during covid because online classes could be taken here

money for personal development and identity development programs on weekends

Because of the bureaucracy —or care you could call it—it took too long in our opinion before we had everything officially in order: the official foundation, a bank account, a website, donation option, ANBI status, etc… On the website you can also see who is on the board.

But now it’s time. We are in business and will be full into action now to work with you to ensure that Safe Spaces can continue doing what they do best: offering the girls in the slums a perspective on living an independent life outside. slump.

In the coming period, we will inform you step by step about the status of the various projects, introduce you to girls in the Safe Spaces program, let Peninah tell you how she and the organization are doing, and share what we achieve here in the Netherlands. , etc.

On the website you can donate directly to the Support Foundation for Safe Spaces Nairobi. This is a Dutch foundation. Any donation is welcome of course. But unfortunately we have to say that the need is high:

On the website you will find more information about Safe Spaces, Peninah and about us.

If you have any questions, suggestions, or comments, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

On behalf of the Support for Safe Spaces Nairobi board,

Damaris Beems, Mark Hanssen, Dorothy Hill, Jeannette Roelse, Alexander Weiss

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